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Welcome to Fuchs helicopter

The company was founded with it’s own heliport, for takeoffs and landings, in 1974 by Robert Fuchs – Bamert. Since the aviation activities of Robert Fuchs, first of all in fixed-wing aviation, the fascination and passion for helicopter flying was passed on to the following generations.

In 2013, Lisa Stokmaier has handed over the management to her son Robert Stokmaier, who leads the company since then into the future.

The first helicopter, at that time still privately owned by
Robert Fuchs, joined the fleet in 1974. Subsequently, other helicopters followed continuously until the first Robinson helicopter was successfully added to the fleet in the 2000s.
. To remain competitive in transport aviation, Fuchs Helikopter acquired Airbus H125 B3e helicopters starting in 2016.
. Which
have been in service every day since.

For our customers, flight students, charter pilots or commercial customers, a modern fleet is available, which is maintained by our maintenance company Part145 and the CAMO. In commercial flying, we get to fly various missions and assignments.

Our scope of work includes:
Transport flights of all kinds (interior and exterior loads), special logging, film and photo flights, taxi and sightseeing flights

As well as the above mentioned tasks, the training of new pilots is also part of our job. Our experienced and also long-standing flight instructors always stand for a high quality and competent training.

The following basic and advanced training courses can be completed at Fuchs Helicopter:

Type ratings for the following types:
Robinson R44 Cadet, Robinson R66 Turbine, MD500series, H125 (AS350B3e)

At home in the air

  • The right service for every occasion

    Fuchs helicopter offers everything: flight school, sightseeing flights, aerial photos from the helicopter, as well as specialist services such as import, sale and maintenance.

  • A fleet laughs

    Our 8 helicopters are suitable for a wide variety of challenges. So we can offer private as well as business customers exactly what they are looking for.