Flight school

Helicopter training courses

Do you want to know what it is like to fly a helicopter. Even if you have no experience it is no problem. One of our instructors will guide through your first flying lesson.

Holders of a private pilot licence may fly a helicopter independently and perform their own rides and trips in Switzerland and abroad.

Owner of a private pilot license with an experience of at least 155 hours of flight time, will be able to continue their education for professional pilot. There are 200 hours of theory and 30 hours of training in the helicopter.

We have a wide fleet, to provide our customers the opportunity to fly special and great helicopters.

Fuchs Helikopter provides high altitude mountain training according to Swiss National standards. Holders of the MOU-extension may perform landings on the Swiss official mountain landing zones.

Fuchs Helikopter teaches interested pilots the theoretical and practical basics of underload flying (HESLO) according to “vertical reference” in accordance with the current EASA and FOCA requirements.

Night VFR training includes 5h of flight training and a theory course of 5 hours. This training is compulsory for CPL-Trainees and «nice-to-have» for PPL holders.