Commercial Pilot

Owner of a private pilot license with an experience of at least 155 hours of flight time, will be able to continue their education for professional pilot. There are 200 hours of theory and 30 hours of training in the helicopter.

With a commercial pilot license you can fly commercial contracts, which assigns you a helicopter company.

After the training for private pilot licence and at least 50 hours solo flight, the professional pilot training can be started. The subjects are similar to those of the private pilot training. The different subjects are discussed, but significantly deepened on stage as a commercial pilot.
For testing, a minimum of 185 hours total flight time is required.

With the commercial pilot test, you must also demonstrate 10 hours of simulated instrument flight and 5 hours of night flight. If the training for night flight already completed in the context of the PPL- training, this can be credited.
You can complete the entire training in a helicopter with piston engine. To increase your chances of future employment, it is recommended that you complete certain parts of the training on a helicopter with a “turbine”.

Training is provided under EASA FCL2 standards and is recognized throughout Europe, this opens the possibility of employment in the EU countries.



After you have successfully completed the training to become professional pilots, the following developments are open:

For more information about the requirements, costs and procedure of a private pilot training, please refer to our information brochure “Flight Training”.


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