Mountain Education MOU

Training in the mountains ( MOU ) is an experience for every pilot

Mountain training

Fuchs Helikopter provides high altitude mountain training according to Swiss National standards. Holders of the MOU-extension may perform landings on the Swiss official mountain landing zones. 

The following helicopters may used for this training:

R44 Cadet (only partial training up to 3000 m/M possible)

R66   MD520N   MD530F   R66   H125

helicopter fleet



As a prerequisite for the mountain skill test candidates must have a total flight experience of 100h.


Theoretical training

The topics are taught you by our mountain flight instructor (FI MOU) in Schindellegi. Your flight instructor will walk you through all aspects of a successful conclusion.

Practical training

The training consists of a minimum 200 landings. The syllabus requires also to fly to a selection of several landing sites ranging from different altitudes and levels of complexity. The training can be combined with a type rating.

Questions about an extension of the license

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