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Holders of a private pilot licence may fly a helicopter independently and perform their own rides and trips in Switzerland and abroad. All trainings are performed according to EASA FCL2 standards and therefore recognized throughout Europe. To get your licence, a candidate must complete at least 45 flight hours, pass a theory and practical exam.

Fuchs Helikopter provides standard class room and distance training courses which contain the following subjects :


General theory subjects

10 Air Law
Learn the national and international regulations, the structure of the airspace and traffic rules of aviation know.

20 Human Performance
Learn and what influences has to fly on their own bodies are the main organs of the people know.

30 Meteorology
Weathercharts- understand the structure of the atmosphere and the frontal system to recognize dangers early on.

60 Navigation
Card, geographic and magnetic North Pole, coordinate and radio navigation as a basis, to reach the destination safely.

90 VFR comunications
Structure and sequence of standard interviews with air traffic control, special cases, and repetition of aviation weather information and the airspaces.

Helicopter related theory subjects

20 Aircraft knowledge
Learn about the piston and turbine engine, functioning of the individual components and the helicopter onboard instruments knowledge.

30 Flight Performance and planning
Planning, calculate the route to the associated fuel requirements, the weight and center of gravity position and the performance limits of the helicopter.

70 Operating procedures
Peculiarities and special cases of the helicopter flying know in terms of operation and handling on the ground and in the air.

80 Aerodynamics
Lift and drag, airfoils and rotor systems provide the necessary thrust to keep the helicopter in the air.


Once you have acquired a private pilot licence, you may want to continue your training and participate in one of the following courses:


Night Flight Training      Mountain Education      Type Rating      Commercional Pilot



For more information about course conditions and costs please refer to our information brochure «how to become an helicopter pilot».

There are regular information evenings at Fuchs Helikopter instead, which can be visited by prospective customers. The data are published each under course program. 

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