Powerline inspection

Maintenance of construction objects, power lines, solar systems and gas lines

The possibility of video control of large structures for storm damage, corrosion damage, environmental damage, etc. is an elegant and inexpensive solution. In cooperation with electricity companies, Fuchs Helikopter has developed a control system that can detect damage to structures and power lines at an early stage. This means that the risk of sudden dysfunction of elementary parts of a building is considerably lower. This type of image-based control is suitable for all structures and technical facilities that can be approached by a helicopter.

Equipment: Corona camera, multisensor thermography

80% of the damage can only be seen from the air, with our systems you can also record this damage without climbing the mast.

Our performance your profit. On-site video recordings of your overhead line, evaluation of the image material, documentation of the results, execution of maintenance work


High quality image material thanks to gyro-stabilized systems
Reduction in maintenance costs

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