Our pilots and ground staff are professionals. Together with the latest material and a well-organized flow, we transport loads up to 1350kg. We have more than 40 years in the mountains of Switzerland at home.

Whether complex assembly work, concrete transport, gravel and all imaginable work, we are your partner when it comes to transport/slingwork by helicopter.

Thanks to our perfectly located base, we are very central and have short ferry flights to the site.

The following helicopters are used:
– H125 B3e, max. 1200kg
– MD530FF, max. 650kg

Individual cost-effective transport flights at the desired location, you can always get in contact with our competent staff. At your request, we are pleased with our services.

Even in places where the mobile crane can not be placed or only with great effort, we transport with our helicopters all kinds of goods efficiently & uncomplicated.

Bridges that are too small, access roads that are too narrow or distances that are too far are no problem for our helicopter – With the lightweight aluminum buckets, we bring your loose construction material such as concrete, gravel or sand to its destination with pinpoint accuracy.

Around one third of Switzerland’s land area is covered with forest and forms an important basis of life for nature, humans and animals – good care is essential. When logging ropeways are not possible or prove inefficient, we fly the wood out in a targeted and inexpensive manner.

Trees located near power lines, busy roads, rail lines, or residences often cannot be cut conventionally. Our crew removes them quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

We are the right partner for unconventional and demanding assemblies.

Possible areas of application:

  • Radio and mobile antennas
  • Construction cranes
  • Lighting systems
  • Element construction
  • Emergency roofs
  • Terrain and slope protection
  • Roller batteries
  • Avalanche defense systems
  • Rope pulls
  • Lattice towers

As a partner of Rega and agriculture, we fly injured, crashed or deceased animals from impassable terrain. These rescues are performed in a gentle and low-stress manner in compliance with the Swiss Animal Welfare Act.

Our helicopters enable the supply of remote mountain regions, SAC huts and mountain inns with food, alpine materials for humans and animals. Well packed, we fly your material to the specified destination.

After heavy snowfall or drifts, the risk of an avalanche increases. Artificially triggering the avalanches protects the population in the affected areas.

The following points advocate blasting by helicopter:

  • Precise dropping of the explosive device
  • Defusing a large risk area in a short period of time
  • Elimination of expensive acquisition and maintenance costs of fixed blasting systems

Fuchs Helikopter has been in the movie flying business since day 1. We have already filmed productions such as Swiss View, live productions such as Tour de Suisse, Tour de Romandie, the legendary Lauberhorn race and the ski marathon in St. Moritz. If you are looking for an experienced and reliable company for your next film or photo project, we are the right partner for you. Of course, we also transport your equipment and crew safely and efficiently to the desired destination.

The possibility of video inspection of large buildings for storm, corrosion and environmental damage is an efficient solution. The performance data of the helicopter is clearly superior to the drone in terms of weather and mission duration. Fuchs Helikopter has developed a control system in cooperation with power companies that detects damage to buildings and power lines at an early stage. Thus, the risk of sudden dysfunctionality is almost eliminated.

The helicopter is the best tool for fighting forest, field or large fires.

The most widely used extinguishing device is the Bambi Bucket (SEI Industries), of which we are the general importer for Switzerland. As a result, we always have the latest and most efficient firefighting equipment.

Upon request, we will be happy to personally present the application possibilities to the blue-light organizations.

Your mission our solution!

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