Film & Photo

Fuchs Helikopter not only has the latest technology. Our experienced pilots and camera operators ensure a smooth realization of video productions for movie films, commercials, documentaries and live broadcasts.

Thanks to over 30 years of experience in aerial filming and photography, we can offer a custom package solution

Ready to go, from a single provider, we offer fully equipped and EASA certified camera helicopters with the latest gyrostabilized technology such as Shotover F1, GSS516, Cineflex cameras and various recording systems.

Mounting: A specially developed Nose Mount for MD500series will give you a great platform for filming. Our helicopter is equipped with down / uplink antennas.

Equipment:  Shotover F1  GSS 516  Cineflex V14HD      

Presentation Fuchs Helikopter Aerial Filming (english)

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