Whether material or complex assembly work,

We offer newest material and proffesional staff for your job

Our pilots and ground staff are professionals. Together with the latest material and a well-organized flow, we transport loads up to 1350kg. We have more than 40 years in the mountains of Switzerland at home.

Whether complex assembly work, concrete transport, gravel and all imaginable work, we are your partner when it comes to transport/slingwork by helicopter.

Thanks to our perfectly located base, we are very central and have short ferry flights to the site.

The following helicopters are used: -H125 B3e, max. 1300kg

                                                               -MD530FF, max. 650kg

Individual cost-effective transport flights at the desired location, you can always get in contact with our competent staff. At your request, we are pleased with our services. Ask us by phone at +41 44 787 05 05, by mail or fill out our contact form.

Your mission our solution!

FHS offers the following key utility (helicopter lift) services:

Thermo-graphic Scanning
Planning and Survey
Wire Stringing Operations
External Load
Power line Quality Control Inspection
Marker Ball Installation
Forestery Work - Control

Our experience includes the precision placement and transport of the following:

Bolted Steel Connections
Sensitive Survey Equipment
Environmental Restoration Equipment
Safety Gear
Electrical and Water Delivery systems