HESLO Training (Sling)

Fuchs Helikopter teaches interested pilots the theoretical and practical basics of underload flying (HESLO) according to “vertical reference” in accordance with the current EASA and FOCA requirements.

In addition to a pronounced ability to work in a team, spatial imagination and above-average concentration, Fuchs Helikopter requires future underload pilots to meet the following requirements:

– completed type rating and at least 10h PIC on the type of helicopter on which the training takes place
– Completed “MOU” training for mountain landings
– Ability to hover the helicopter according to “vertical references”

The training is led by experienced underload pilots and flight assistants and can take place on the following helicopter types:

– R44 Cadet
– MD530 FF
– H125 (AS350 B3e)

Training is preferably held in the winter months (November – May).

We are happy to answer your questions by email or provide more detailed information in a personal conversation.

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